Coles County Illinois Genealogical Society

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Pioneer Certificate Project

If you are a DIRECT DESCENDANT of an ancestor who settled in Coles Co. Prior to 1880 you could qualify. Click on links below for instructions and forms. These make great gifts for family members.

Chairperson of this project is Brenda Taber. Please email Brenda at
if you have any questions or comments.

 Click here to download .PDF Instructions and Pioneer Certificate Application

Newspaper on Microfilm Project

Newspapers on Microfilm

The Coles County Genealogical Society is adding to the collection of newspapers on microfilm in the Genealogy Room at the Charleston Public Library. This will enable the Society and Library to better serve researches when they request information about genealogy and local history.

The are purchasing the Charleston, Mattoon, and Oakland  newspapers and hope to someday purchase the Arcola and Toledo newspapers as well..

In order to reach the goal, the Society needs your support. Each reel of microfilm costs between $30.00 to $180.00. The Society would appreciate donations of any amount to help with this project. The names of donors will be published in our newsletter(s). No donation amount will be listed unless the donor requests this to be done. Contributions are tax deductible.

If you have any questions, you may decide to email email our President or to write to us at the address listed below.