Coles County Illinois Genealogical Society

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Plat Maps and the History of Coles County Illinois

Historical Plat Maps of Coles County, Illinois - CD (PDF)

Images from the book compiled by Ronald Nichols and Originally Published in 1982 by our Society.

Contains the following: Short History of Coles Co., IL; Historical Map of Illinois 1846 & 1883; Maps, listing post offices, cemeteries, churches, and schools; Illinois Central Railroad; Land description; Metes and bounds; plat maps of the original plat, 1869, 1893, and 1913; Index of Maps and Name Index; Annotated Bibliography.

CD's are PDF format produced with Adobe Acrobat. 

The History of Coles County Illinois - 1879  (PDF)

Copy of the 1990 reprint of the history book originally published by Wm. Le Baron, Jr. & Co. in 1879 on CD.

Includes images of the entire original book (over 700 pages), Index of Biographical sketches, plus 82 pages of 3-column every name index.  A history of the County-its Cities, Towns; a Director of its Tax-Payers; Portraits of Early Settlers and Prominent Men; General and Local Statistics; map of Coles County; History of Illinois, Illustrated; History of the Northwest, Illustrated; Constitution of the United States and miscellaneous matters.