Coles County Illinois Genealogical Society

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Our purpose is to bring together all persons interested in the genealogy and related history of Coles County; to encourage and instruct members in the practice and knowledge of genealogical research and compilation; to seek, collect and preserve any genealogical and historical material pertaining to Coles County; to make this material accessible to those who are interested; and to promote and publish genealogical and related historical material in future publications. The society pledges to receive and use gifts, both material and monetary, solely for the benefit of the society and to do all things incident to the perpetuation of the society.


The leaders in starting this society were Mr. And Mrs. Donald Hutton, Calvin Smith, Lawrence W. Bates and David Kent Coy. A meeting to organize was held September 29, 1974 in the Heritage Room of the Eastern Illinois University Union with twenty seven people attending. The official start date was January 1, 1975 with a membership of 64. The following officers were elected: Marjorie Hutton, president; Lawrence W. Bates, Vice-president; Vauda Scott, treasurer; David Kent Coy, corresponding secretary; and Nancy Sy, recording secretary. Elected to the board of directors were Marylea Degler, Ruth Isenogle, and Calvin N. Smith.